How to create multiple accounts on a website using same Gmail ID

Did you know? You can use same Gmail ID for a website to register multiple times.
How is that possible 🤔? Check the following steps:

1) Trick is same as or or
In Gmail ID, there is no difference if dot (.) is used in between letters.


2) Open a website to create new account

For demo purpose we are using
Open registration page registration.

Fill your first name, last name, mail, password

cscode is used for demo purpose. Click on Submit button and register yourself.

Now register using


You are registered successfully using above Gmail ID. This is how you can register on same website multiple times using same Gmail ID.

3) Mail Delivery and is same Gmail ID.
You will receive all the mails on the same Gmail ID.
Try: Ask your friend to send a mail on your gmail ID with dots in it, you will receive all the mails in the same inbox.

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