Free Web Development Program For Beginners – By Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a 12 Week program for beginners who are interested in Web Development Technologies.

The program called Web Dev For Beginners is hosted on GitHub and offered through YouTube.

Lessons of 12 Week Web Dev For Beginners Program

  1. optional sketchnote
  2. optional supplemental video
  3. pre-lesson warmup quiz
  4. written lesson
  5. for project-based lessons, step-by-step guides on how to build the project
  6. knowledge checks
  7. a challenge
  8. supplemental reading
  9. assignment
  10. post-lesson quiz

Projects included in the program

  • Getting Started (Intro)
    • Introduction to Programming and Tools of the Trade
    • Basics of GitHub, includes working with a team
    • Accessibility
  • JS Basics (JavaScript Basics)
  • Terrarium
  • Typing Game
  • Green Browser Extension
  • Space Game
  • Banking App

Click on the link to enrol: .

IIT Delhi launches free online course on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IIT Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has launched a free online course on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program will be conducted through the government’s NPTEL platform.

The course introduces the variety of concepts in the field of artificial intelligence. It discusses the philosophy of AI, and how to model a new problem as an AI problem. It describes a variety of models such as search, logic, Bayes nets, and MDPs, which can be used to model a new problem. It also teaches many first algorithms to solve each formulation. The course prepares a student to take a variety of focused, advanced courses in various sub-fields of AI.

Course Layout

Week 1  :Introduction: Philosophy of AI, Definitions
Week 2  :Modeling a Problem as Search Problem, Uninformed Search
Week 3 :Heuristic Search, Domain Relaxations
Week 4  :Local Search, Genetic Algorithms
Week 5  :Adversarial Search
Week 6  :Constraint Satisfaction
Week 7  :Propositional Logic & Satisfiability
Week 8  :Uncertainty in AI, Bayesian Networks
Week 9  :Bayesian Networks Learning & Inference, Decision Theory
Week 10:Markov Decision Processes
Week 11:Reinforcement Learning
Week 12:Introduction to Deep Learning & Deep RL

How to register

Click on the link to enrol:

Important Dates

Duration :12 weeks
Start Date :18 Jan 2021
End Date :09 Apr 2021
Exam Date :25 Apr 2021
Enrollment Ends :25 Jan 2021
Category :Computer Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science


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