How Google makes money?

On daily basis we use so many services of Google which we don’t pay for such as search engine, email service, web browser and due to current situation, the meet application. But have you ever wondered if Google provides all this for free then how do they make money?

The first way is which we see everyday and every time but never give heed. It is the advertisements. We see zillions of advertisements everyday and never knew they are being sold to us. A large revenue of Google comes from advertisements. When we use Google search engine to search for anything we get a list of results related to it. Along with the results we find suggested advertisements. To have your ad on Google websites, Google gets paid by the companies. To gain the top spot companies have to pay more than others and the one who pays less may or may not be displayed. Every time we click on an ad the advertiser pays google.


Also, we save our data on Google drive but for using it for free of cost we have a limit of 15 GB and if we need more storage we need to purchase it from Google.

Google provides many services for various business purposes on GSuite. Millions of businessmen purchase GSuite accounts for working conveniently.

High amount of income Google receives is from Google cloud platform. It is a platform of computing resources for deploying and operating applications on the web.

And there are many other services which Google earns from which include Google one baddle, Google photos(from 2021), etc.


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