Poem By Anushka Jadhav

No pain, no suffering,
Happiness everywhere,
In Paradise.

No tears, you smile,
You forget crying,
In Paradise.

No ugliness, no failure,
Beauty everywhere,
In paradise.

No adventures, no efforts,
Will you really have fun
In Paradise?

Have anyone seen it?
Where is the place
Called paradise?

How to get there?
Does a place really exist
Called paradise?

No matter what,
Theres always fault you find,
Even in paradise.

You reap what you sow,
Your act decides to be or not,
In paradise.

Were you never wrong?
You think you really deserve,
To Be in paradise?

Give love, help them,
Get love, will help back,
Is paradise.

Hard times, you fight,
You feel satisfied,
Is paradise.

Speeding happiness, finding happiness,
Happiness everywhere,
Is paradise.

You can make it for yourself,
No matter where you are,
A place called paradise.

          - Anushka Jadhav



What is paradise?

We define paradise as a place where you feel no pain, where you don’t have to suffer, where you never cry, you forget crying, no matter what you do, you will always succeed in it, everything you see is beautiful, there is just happiness and no sorrow. But if paradise really exists, where is it, how to get there, have anyone seen it?

But if there is no adventure, you don’t have to put efforts in getting what you want, you will get it without any cost, will you really feel happy and satisfied after getting it? Obviously no.

We are humans, we will find some fault in whatever we have, no matter how good it is, there is always a fault we see in it, we always be like, ‘it’s good, but’ there is always a but.

But the question is who really deserves to be in paradise? The person who does good deeds get the chance to be in paradise. You think you must be in paradise but do you really deserve that? No matter what there is always greed and selfishness in everyone of us.

You will reap what you sow, if you love others they will love you back, if you help others in their hard times, they too will help you when you face hard times, the feeling you get after getting love or help, this feeling is really a paradise. Happiness is like a boomerang it will come back to you.

If you give happiness to others, you will get happy too. Fight for what you want, work hard for it and after getting it you will feel satisfied and this feeling is what called paradise.

There is no paradise already made for you, you have to make it for yourselves. And your deeds help you create a beautiful world called paradise.


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